Jhonathan Florez is a proudly Colombian air athlete who has specialized in the disciplines of Skydiving, Base Jumping and wingsuit flying. Jhonathan has positioned himself at the world top ranking of these sports and currently competes professionally representing worldwide and being the one of the few Latin American Athletes to reach such a high position.

Thanks to this, Jhonathan has qualified to participate directly in the PRObase World Cup competition that has 5 international valid in Turkey, Norway and Switzerland and is attended by athletes from countries like Italy, Switzerland, Norway, USA, South Africa , Croatia, Australia and Latin America, Colombia.

In 2012 Jhonathan impressed the world by imposing 4 Guinness records, by making the longest jump in human history in both time and distance. Also participated in the elite competition in Base Jumping with Wing Suit World League (WWL) in China, achieving a creditable 4th place, being above world-renowned athletes.

Jhonathan's achievements have allowed him to get significant institutional support from Coldeportes, Indeportes and Marca Colombia. In January 2012 and after more than 10 years career Jhonathan captivated International brand RedBull and became part of the elite of the best unconventional RedBull athletes.

In May of 2013, is part of the proyect of Flying Above the Nazca Lines (Heritage of Humanity) in Peru, with the Belgian athlete Cedric Dumont, becoming the first people to perform this feat.

Florez is currently looking for funding and support to finance his training, traveling and all the equipment he need to take Colombia and its sponsors to the top of the elite international.